AI Powered Crypto Trading Bot

Your Trading Co-Pilot

Mainline ALPHA is your AI powered on-chain auto-trader that not only executes trades but actively hunts down the market's next big tokens.


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Trade While You Sleep.

Keep the trades rolling day and night with our AI auto-trader, packed with insights from deep market and social data. It's your always-on trading co-pilot, making smart moves so you catch every opportunity.

No Time for Research?
No Problem.

Mainline ALPHA's personalized AI does the digging for you, scouting the market for the next gems. Skip the research grind—your AI's on it, making sure you catch the next big thing.

Security First

Security is core to our platform. That’s why we never store your private keys, ensuring you're always in control of your assets. With top-tier encryption and strict security protocols, we offer a secure trading environment where your privacy is paramount.

How does it work?


Step 1

Set Your Preferences

Customize your trading preferences and risk levels.


Step 2

Activate Auto-Trading

Engage the auto-trading feature and let our algorithms take over.


Step 3

Watch Your Portfolio Thrive

Get real-time insights and watch as Mainline navigates the crypto market for you.

your trading co-pilot

Auto-Discover, Auto-Trade

Mainline’s got your back, scouting the market for token gems while you kick back.

Precision Positioning

Mainline harnesses AI and deep market analysis to determine ideal market positions.

Real-time insights

Watch in real-time as Mainline navigates the crypto market for you.


Personalize your trade strategy and let Mainline find tokens poised for takeoff.

Sidestep FUD and FOMO

Strategic, data-driven entries and exits, outsmarting emotional biases.

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Join 18,000+ Users on Waitlist

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