Build a Hyper Engaged Community of Buyers By Jumpstarting The Twitter Algorithm

Uncover the most engaged audiences in your industry. Convert them into raving fans with hyper-targeted content. Reward your biggest fans so that they do your marketing for you.

Mainline helps you:

  • Uncover where your best customers are hiding through our proprietary audience engagement algorithms.
  • Build a high-quality community by filtering out low-quality bots and spam networks.
  • Skyrocket your engagement by hyper-targeting your best audience with content they love.
  • Spread your message to the right people by rewarding your best community members.
  • Double down on what's working best by tracking community growth and message spread.

Target segments of engaged users with messages tailored for them.

  1. Compile audiences from key competitors, influencers, and conversations
  2. Segments users by their bio, quality, activity, engagement, and the accounts they follow
  3. Upload to Twitter custom audiences and hyper-target with messages tailored per segment

Shape the conversation by attracting micro-influencers to your brand.

  1. Search over 1.5 billion accounts for the right voices
  2. Audit accounts to understand their influence and reach
  3. Reach out with DMs or sponsored content

Amplify your strategy by reverse engineering what’s going viral.

  1. See what posts drove the most follower growth to accounts
  2. Rank posts by engagement quality and filter out bots
  3. Capitalize on conversations and keywords with the most reach

Your best customers need to feel like they're part of something bigger. You will never find them with crazy hype and promotions...

But we know where they're hiding.


Compile, segment, & target audiences with tailored content


Reach your best audience with messaging that’s already working.

First, we create lists of competitors, customers, keywords, and influencers in your industry. Then, our system collects and analyzes their entire audience of followers and engagers. Finally, we filter into hyper-targeted segments and upload to Twitter custom audiences and work with you to serve content throughout the duration of the service.


Find and contact micro influencers w/ the best networks


Jumpstart conversations with small voices that people trust.

Using our search and audit features, we compile lists of micro influencers and run our audits to rank them by influence, follower quality, and engagement quality. We work with you to attract them to your brand with direct outreach as well as hyper-targeted sponsored content inviting them to participate in spreading your message.


Capitalize on top performing posts and accounts


Reverse engineer the trends driving virality.

We help you stretch your marketing budget with viral word of mouth traffic by helping you identify and act on what’s working. Double down on the audiences and messaging that’s bringing in your biggest fans. Monitor the health of your community conversations and weed out low quality conversations and accounts.

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