Build a Hyper Engaged Community of Buyers By Jumpstarting The Twitter Algorithm

Uncover the most engaged audiences in your industry. Convert them into raving fans with hyper-targeted content. Reward your biggest fans so that they do your marketing for you.

set it and forget it

Everything Happens On Twitter First, but...

Many brands are ignoring the untapped profits hiding on Twitter. Those who take advantage now will set themselves apart as Twitter becomes even more culturally relevant.

Fuzz Aldrin


Stay ahead of viral conversations. Twitter users spend 22% more time on Twitter when major events happen.

John D Cluckafeather


Your best audience is using Twitter. Nearly half of Twitter users make over $75k/year and are more likely to be the first to buy something new.

Barko Polo


Twitter is the go to platform to discover something new. 79% of Twitter users like to discover new things and 60% want to be the first to try it and tell their friends.

Mainline helps you:

  • Uncover where your best customers are hiding through our proprietary audience engagement algorithms.
  • Build a high-quality community by filtering out low-quality bots and spam networks.
  • Skyrocket your engagement by hyper-targeting your best audience with content they love.
  • Spread your message to the right people by rewarding your best community members.
  • Double down on what's working best by tracking community growth and message spread.

Shape viral conversations.

Mainline’s software uncovers the viral conversations happening right now and displays those tweets in one easy to scroll dashboard. This allows you to quickly see the messaging that works without spending hours trolling through Twitter. Now you can easily create ads and content that you know will work.

Amplify your clients’ results.

Ensure your ads are only going to the most engaged audiences with our proprietary targeting. Double down on your best content with targeted influencer campaigns. Iterate successful content faster and know which content drove the most followers and had the highest quality engagement.

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How does it work?


Step 1

Target Audiences

Compile, segment, & target audiences with tailored content.


Step 2

Shape Through Influencers

Find and contact micro influencers w/ the best networks.


Step 3

Amplify What Works

Capitalize on top performing posts and accounts.

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