About us.

Launched in April 2021, Mainline evolved from visualizing viral conversations to harnessing authenticity in social engagements. This focus on genuine interactions paved the way for our innovative auto-trading bot, which integrates authenticity data with historical market insights. This breakthrough embodies Mainline's commitment to leveraging unique data for cutting-edge market strategies, propelling both targeted marketing and trading solutions forward.

The Founders

Preston Tesvich

Preston is a serial entrepreneur and business/technical hybrid. He’s built and managed large sales teams, led BD efforts, and co-founded multiple venture backed startups where he forged international partnerships, spearheaded fundraising, product management, software development, and data science.

Chris Berger

Chris is a strategic visionary and relationship architect who has thrived in sales & business development, managed hardware & cloud infrastructure, excelled in business operations & team leadership, and has a proven track record in innovation commercialization & fundraising.

The Team

Brandon Berger

Lead Developer

Ben Meredith

Web3 Platform Architect

Michael Boland

Web3 Product Architect

Thomas Meschede

AI/ML Engineer

Jessica Berger

Creative Director

Tom Northrop

Marketing Lead

Ryan Hendriksen

Community Manager

Jonathan Hill

General Counsel

Cal Evans


Rick Seeger

AI & Tech & Advisor

John Kim

Strategic Advisor

Bradley Townsend

Growth & Partnerships

Dan Peng

Product & Strategy

Josh Meier

Investor Relations

Michael Butcher

Business & Market Strategist

Corey Billington

Strategic Marketing

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