Drive Real Viral Engagement With Your Next Influencer Campaign With Mainline’s 3 Step System

After auditing 925,652 (and counting) profiles, we’ve discovered so many KOLs with fake followers and coordinated engagement. Don’t get scammed or ruin your brand by hiring the wrong influencer.

Mainline will help you…

  • Find the right influencers with real, engaged audiences to promote your next campaign.
  • Use hyper-targeted account lists to ensure your posts are seen by the right people.
  • Amplify your message by incentivizing community engagement.
  • Keep track of every engagement during your campaign with an all-in-one dashboard.

Step 1: Find Your Perfect Audience

Finding the right people to put your message infront of is critical. Search over 1 billion Twitter accounts and use our proprietary Conversation Maps to see how your audience and potential influencers interact with key hashtags and conversations happening in your niche.

Step 2: Build Your KOL Campaign

Our patent pending Network Quality Scoring algorithms allow you to easily find the best KOLs based on prominence, follower quality, engagement, and suspected coordination. Add the best ones to your campaign and sort them into campaign phases to get the most out of their influence.

Step 3: Jumpstart Virality & Amplify Engagement

Mainline’s Campaign Tracking Dashboard allows you to easily track every KOL you hired and see how your audience is engaging and growing. You’ll be able to see which influencers and community segments are spreading your message and which ones to cut, so that you can maximize your marketing budget.

Schedule your strategy call and we’ll show you how Mainline can help you get the most out of your next KOL Campaign.

Influencer Marketing Has Exploded And So Have Fake Followers and Coordinated Engagement

There’s way more than 5% of bots on Twitter, nearly every KOL we’ve audited has some percentage of fake followers. That doesn’t mean they’re all bad, just that the problem is systemic and we need to look deeper to find the right ones for your campaign.

There are only three ways to be certain a KOL is has a real following with real engagement.

  1. Know someone you trust as a business owner that worked with this KOL and can show you the engagement and campaign metrics.
  2. Hire the KOL, risk your own money and track the results for yourself.
  3. Audit their profile by looking at every follower, every engagement over the last month, and checking their followers’s followers.

The breakdown with each option is that tracking and understanding engagement is extremely difficult and time consuming. Some of our clients have had teams of VAs spending their entire day sorting through and vetting micro-influencers. Imagine trying to do that for multiple KOLs with 100k+ followers.

This might sound extreme but engagement metrics are easily faked and looking at KOL’s tweets or first few hundred replies doesn’t give you the full picture.

With most of these influencers charging based on their follower count, can you afford to guess

Track Engagement and Interaction Across Twitter To Get A Complete Picture

With over 1 billion Twitter accounts in our system, we’ve realized that finding the right influencer isn’t a binary decision, but degrees of certainty. Every KOLs audience is completely unique, except for a few outliers most of them have a place in an effective influencer campaign.

X-Ray Vision To See Through The Noise

Our patent-pending algorithms score influencers on 3 core components of influence.

1. Prominence

This is a measure of how well-known and wide their network reaches. Think of an influencer with a high prominence score as the person who knows all the right people.

2. Quality

We analyze who follows a KOL’s followers to see the distribution in size of those accounts, like how many verified followers they have or how many of their followers have less than 10 or 0 followers (a strong signal it’s a fake account).

3. Coordination

Diving even deeper we look at creation dates, engagement activity, and reply similarity of a KOLs followers. This allows us to see suspicious coordination that would be impossible to detect scrolling through their profile.

Using Network Maps To See How A Conversation Spreads

Get a real time visual representation of the conversations that matter.

Twitter is an engagement platform, even accounts with tiny audiences can see a post go viral if they say the right thing in the right conversation. Trying to make sense of trending topics in your newsfeed is difficult, especially when you don’t know the authenticity of who’s engaging.

Mainline’s Network Maps give you a real time visual representation of the spread and connection between accounts in important conversation.

Whether you’re looking at key KOLs in your campaign, competitors, or trending hashtags, you can quickly see which conversations are reaching new audiences and which ones are living in an echochamber.

Organize and Track KOLs and Community Evangelists with Campaigns

Stop trying to track influencer campaigns by hand and get deeper insights.

Mainline’s campaign dashboard allows you to get the 30k foot view of your campaign quickly. You’ll be able to see your account’s growth and engagement over time.

In-depth reporting widgets will show you which influencers are getting the best engagement and spreading your message to new audiences. Now you can make real-time decisions on who to cut and who to keep to maximize your budget and impact.

Finally track community engagement and reward your raving fans with our evangelist dashboard. You’ll be able to see what followers engage the most with you and your influencers, easily run engagement contests, and reward community members who go above and beyond for your project.

Hyper-Targeted Audiences To Drive Viral Engagement

Jumpstart your engagement by targeting accounts most likely engage with your content.

With our deep insights into how followers are interacting with conversations, KOLs, and other accounts across Twitter we can create precision lists of the right people to ensure your content gets the engagement it needs to go viral so that you get the most out of every campaign.

By putting your message in front of the right people immediately, you can jumpstart engagement and growth so the algorithms know exactly who to continue showing your message to and increase your chance of going viral.

Schedule a strategy call and let us show you how we can make your next influencer campaign the best one ever while:

checkSaving you time

checkMaximizing your budget

checkMinimizing headaches

Running Your Next Influencer Campaign With Mainline In 3 Simple Steps

Get the most out of your next KOL campaign with a fraction of the time and headache. The core function of Mainline is giving you the ability to organize, verify, and track the best influencers for your next campaign. We’ve simplified the process into 3 steps to give you unmatched certainty on your campaigns.

groupsStep 1: Audience and Influencer Selection

Find the best KOLs to spread your message to the most engaged audience.

You can begin creating your campaign in three ways, uploading a list of KOLs, searching our database of nearly 1 million audited KOLs, or use our Network Maps to find the most engaged KOLs in conversations that matter to your project.

Using Mainline Search you’ll have the ability to filter by keywords, follower size, and their Mainline Verified Scores to find the right influencers for each phase of your campaign. Your mission in step 1 is to find all potential influencers you want to work with. Go a little overboard here, you’ll want a large number for comparison when you refine your list in step 2.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our Network Maps for your industry to see real time conversations happening for specific keywords and hashtags on Twitter. This will give you a good idea of who’s most active and worth adding to your campaign.

campaignStep 2: Build Your Campaign

Compare, refine, and sort potential influencers

Now that you have all of your potential influencers selected, it’s time to build the key phases of your campaign. Depending on the goals of your campaign, you likely have different phases of your launch. We recommend at least three, connect, commit, launch.

Every KOL has their own unique relationship with their audience and will fit into a different phase of your campaign. By having your influencers organized in distinct phases you can use each KOL’s audience with maximal effectiveness and increase your marketing efforts.

Connect Phase: Influencers that engage heavily with their audiences are perfect for the connect phase. They’ll bring in the evangelists and raving fans to your project because of the trust and authority they’ve built. You’ll want these community members because they’ll ensure active conversations are happening from the beginning.

Often times these are micro-influencers still trying to make a name for themselves and will put more effort into driving engagement for your project because they’re still solidifying their reputation in the space.

Commit Phase: Influencers with large followings who are considered thought leaders or celebrities in your industry are who you want promoting you during the commit phase. They help bring legitimacy, trust, and authority to you and your project.

You’ll want to find prominent influencers who can help bring in other industry celebrities adding greater social proof to your project.

Close Phase: For this phase you’ll be looking at your analytics to find your best influencers to double down on leading up to your launch. Combine that with our follower and following overlap reports to discover new influencers connected with your best performers so it looks like everyone is talking about you.

Finally turn your community evangelist into mini-influencers by incentivizing and rewarding them with contests or exclusive offers to get the most out of your campaign.

hubStep 3: Jumpstart Virality and Amplify Engagement

Use hyper-targeted audience list and unparalleled insights to amplify virality.

This is where the fun begins and your campaign goes live. Throughout your campaign you’ll be able to easily track, analyze, and amplify your marketing efforts through the Campaign Management Dashboard.

With Mainline’s focus on tracking and analyzing engagement between accounts and conversations across Twitter, we’re able to segment accounts into key audiences for each phase of your campaign. This gives you the ability to target exact right audience segment with ads showing off your best content.

By putting your best content infront of audiences most likey to engage, you give the algorithms the data they need to continue showing your message to the right people, giving yourself the best chance of going viral.

3 Key Audiences You Need To Be Targeting To Amplify Virality

  1. KOL Followers: Whether it’s highlighting one of their recent posts or promoting an upcoming AMA, make sure it shows up their followers (and yours) newsfeed.
  2. Engagemed Audiences: Targeting a KOLs most engaged followers with content highlight those KOLs is a great way to get engagement for your best content.
  3. Unegaged Followers: Don’t let all of those followers you’ve worked so hard to get disappear. Putting your best content in their newsfeed is a great way to re-engage your community, especially when they see how much engagement is already on your Tweets.

As your campaign moves through each phase you’ll be able to track everything from KOL performance to community engagement and even network spread with your Campaign Management Dashboard. You’ll know the entire time how well your campaign is doing and make real-time changes to KOL selection, community contests, and messaging.

Using our Network Maps you can track and analyze the spread of your network, see which communities engage the most, and avoid echochambers and bot networks.

Ready for Mainline to help you find, build, and manage the best influencer campaign you’ve ever had?

Who We Can Help

Currently, Mainline is only available as a managed campaign consulting service due to the in-depth work our team does helping you build, manage, and analyze your campaign to ensure its success.

We only have a few spots left for our next cohort, and you must meet the criteria below. If you’re not a good fit at this time, we’ll be launching a self-serve campaign management platform in early 2023.

  • Fully doxxed: With the rampant rug-pulls and bad actors in the space, we need to know you’ve put your name behind your project, just like we have.
  • Impeccable Character: The data and insights we can generate with our platform can sway large audiences easily, and we need to be certain you’re only using Mainline to further a good cause.
  • Sincere Candor: We’ll work closely with you and your team throughout your campaign. No plan survives first contact with the world, and changes will likely be made along the way. Our system is built to make data-driven decisions in real-time to maximize your campaign performance. You need to be open to making changes on the fly when appropriate.
  • Competitive Greatness: Our top priority is to make your campaign the best one you’ve ever had. To do that, we need to know that you’re willing to put in the same effort we do. Our team will help find the best influencers, create the best strategy, and give guidance, but you must still do the work.
  • Dedicated marketing budget of at least $50k for your campaign to cover influencer costs, ad spend, and our consulting fee + use of the Mainline platform.

If you fit all of the criteria above, we’d love to talk with you about helping you run your next influencer campaign and show you how we can make it the best one you’ve ever had.

Nice to
meet you.

Let us know how we can we help, or feel free to shoot us feedback, feature ideas; even ways we could team up to do more.