Social Intelligence

The Mainline DAO owns a patent-pending SaaS platform that uncovers the authenticity and virality of social media activity.

Token Marketplace.

Holders of our native MAIN token participate in a data marketplace where they are the sellers and the buyers are the paid users of the platform:

Data Assets

Data assets enable both fiat and crypto businesses of all stripes to discover authentic perceptions, target engaged audiences, shape emerging trends, and capitalize on viral conversations.


Real-time feeds of activity across Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, and more.


God-mode view of the spread of people, topics, trends, and content across these networks.


Authenticity and activity reports of accounts, their followers, and the engagements on posts.


Modules that deliver streamlined workflows to enable specific business uses.

Buyer Benefits

The buyers get a god-mode view of what’s happening in their fields and the tools to discover and influence trends.


Avoid rugs and find quality projects amidst the noise.


Discover trends driving action and leverage them in posts.


Attract, manage, and reward emerging influencers.


Engage early with viral trends and bridge to wider audiences.

Seller Roles

The Sellers participate in the variety of steps to deliver data assets to the buyers, from passive collection to speculating on which assets will drive the most revenue.


Earn passively in MAIN to help generate data assets.


Earn MAIN proportional to stake by tagging and verifying.


Acquire audits and earn MAIN when a buyer accesses them.


Own streams and earn MAIN when a buyer accesses them.

Why Token

The DAO uses the token to prioritize data collection, process and contextualize it quickly, offer a free tier that doesn’t require ads, and create a sustainable ecosystem not reliant on centralized infrastructure.

Prioritize Collection

Introduce market forces to drive collection of the most valuable data.

Distribute Compute

Increase throughput of data by incentivizing the collection process across many nodes.


Improve data quality by incentivizing community labelling and tagging.

Decentralize Benefit

Create a public platform not reliant on centralized infrastructure or the ad model.

Mainline App

Where paid users discover & consume data assets across a variety of views.

SaaS Platform


Get Mainline

Make a free account to create a personalized, real-time feed across any publicly hosted stream. Stake MAIN to become a DAO member and earn when other users access audits and streams you own.

No Stake

  • Search and Feed tabs
  • Earn MAIN to process audit results
  • Earn MAIN to add social accounts

Any Stake

  • Earn 2.5% on global transactions
  • Curate for rewards
  • Participate in DAO governance

Stake $1000 in MAIN

  • Use MAIN to acquire data assets
  • Earn $15/data lot on audits*
  • Earn $30/data lot on streams*
*dps = data points – users and posts collected through audits and streams and accessed by buyers

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