X-Ray Vision for Social Media

Mainline gives you the data to know what's real to create raving fans and generate a positive ROI on your marketing strategy.

Don't waste your budget on building an inauthentic community.

Social media is polluted with nefarious actors that drown out the signal that marketers need to grow real communities.

Mainline Platform

Mainline connects real-time activity across social networks to discover authentic perceptions, target engaged audiences, shape emerging trends, and capitalize on viral conversations.

Platform Pillars

Giving your business the insights you need to grow, exactly how you need them.


Search and run audits on accounts and influencers. Discover engagement activity across accounts and tweets.


Integrate Mainline’s data directly into your platform. Access all of our audits and reports at a mass scale.


Work directly with our team for your specific business goals. Get custom reports and expert analysis on social media data.

Use Cases

If you’ve found yourself doing real-time DD, daily posting for multiple projects, reverse engineering the trends driving action, or managing a community of evangelists, then Mainline is for you.

Uncover Authentic Conversations

Find brand advocates with genuine audiences.

Develop Effective Strategies

Reverse engineer what’s getting authentic engagement now.

Target Engaged Audiences

Reach influential and active users in the right conversations.

Track Influencer Results

Discover which influencers and posts drove the highest ROI.

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