Scores and Algos Explained

Follower Quality

An A-F grade indicator for the per capita quality of an account’s followers. Higher grades have lots of verified followers, high average followers per follower, and a low percentage of 0 and 10 follower accounts. Low quality grades generally indicate a strong presence of lower quality bot networks. Most accounts score in the B range.

A+ through F- grade, first line of detection for pure bot farms.

Network Influence

Normalized score that quantifies the diversity, prominence, and activity of an account’s followers by analyzing follower creation dates, lifetime posting activity, and follower/following metrics. Higher scoring accounts have a broad base of both prominent and everyday accounts across social, political and economic arenas. Check the top followers of an account on the profile pages.

A0-100% relative score used to find low follower niche influencers with the best networks.

Engagement Quality

Unbounded score– the higher the better. Higher scores mean more engagement from a broader spectrum of accounts in account age, activity, and follower/following ratio. This score is a good quality comparison for similar engagement numbers across accounts.

Unbounded score, used to compare similar engagement counts to find the better audience.

Coordinated Followers

Coordinated followers report looks for an abnormal number of followers with the same creation date or activity level which suggest clusters of accounts controlled by the same entity. In crypto and/or for companies, normal numbers are around 10-30%, for individuals 5-10%. The higher the coordinated followers score, the more scrutiny should be applied to that account’s activity and results

Percentage of followers that may be controlled by the same entity.

Suspicious Engagement

Each time an account is identified as potentially coordinated with other accounts, their coordination score is incremented. The suspicious engagement report cross-references all engaged accounts to their coordination scores. Accounts with scores above 20 are counted towards the suspicious engagement percentage.

Percentage of engagement from accounts with a high suspicion of coordination.

Other Columns


Sum of all retweets, replies, likes, and quotes received that week/month

Unique Engagement Count

Number of unique accounts engaged over the reporting period.


Sum of original posts, replies, quotes, and retweets received that week/month.


Sum of follower counts of unique engagers.

Total Engagement Count

Total count of engagements received across original tweets, replies, and quotes posted.

Impression Count, Profile Clicks, Link Clicks

Private account and post metrics we can get if the twitter user has an account with us.

One thing that differentiates Mainline is the the amount of data we’re collecting and analyzing to produce our results. Each scoring algorithm takes in full datasets of followers and engagers and performs a litany of analyses that make it easier to assess quality, authentic activity and communities.